Summer 2015

  The CA Community College Chancellor’s Office has decided not to put the Real Estate Education Center grant, 2015-2016, out for statewide RFA bidding.   The Real Estate Education Center will continue at CCSF for another year.   The CCCCO anticipates putting the grant out to bid for the following, 2016-2017, year


It was moved and seconded to support the recent legislation that allow community colleges to offer the bachelor degree and support the offering of a real estate major as one of the 15 approved California Community College pilot programs. The endorsement was carried unanimously at the recent, semi-annual Board meeting held Friday, October 3, 2014 at the Hilton Hotel, Los Angeles. All board members enthusiastically voting “AYE!”

4 Year Degree Community College Real Estate

Here is the original legislative bill signed by Governor Brown for the 4-year degrees at the California Community Colleges.

Fifteen California Community College Districts will be allowed to offer 4-year bachelor’s degrees, on a pilot program. They will most likely be for disciplines that are increasingly requiring bachelor’s degrees for employment, but not compete with existing bachelor’s degrees already offered at CSU and UC.  UC, CSU and CCC are supposed to work together to figure it out.

College districts may apply for 15 pilot programs that train students for high-demand jobs and that do not duplicate existing programs at California State University or the University of California. The targeted areas include dental hygiene, health technology, and industrial technology. The plan specifies that student fees are capped at $84 per unit above what a district charges now for associate degree programs. So, depending on the district, getting a bachelor’s degree could run just over $10,000.

A community college’s strongest argument for a specific degree program will be to obtain Labor Market Industry data to show where the jobs in a given Community College District will be.  The Community College Regional Consortia Chair (RCC) should be able to assist you.  To identify your RCC of a given Region:

1. Go to Region Districts

2. Identify your Region and click on the college link that provides administration and information.


Real Estate Commissioner Wayne Bell writes personally to  all California Community College Presidents  urging them to maintain, reinstate and/or expand their colleges’ vocational real estate program. Click here to read the Commissioner’s correspondence dated June 12, 2014.

Download, print, and send to  your college board of trustees, curriculum committee, and department chair!

Mark your calendars now to attend the Real Estate Educators’ Conferences in your region during the academic year.

  • Fall  2015 Southern California Conference – Los Angeles on Friday,  October 16, 2015 at the Hilton Hotel, Los Angeles Airport
  • Spring 2016 Northern California Conference – San Francisco Bay Area on Friday, April 22, 2016 at the Double Tree in Brisbane

Real Estate Scholarship information, applications and poster for the 2014-2015 academic years are now available!

Did you know that the California Community Colleges educate more professional real estate agents than any source of private real estate training in California? The Community Colleges enrolled over 11,500 student in real estate and escrow (TOP codes 051110 & 051100) courses during spring semester 2013. No wonder that a real estate education means jobs, jobs, JOBS.

The Real Estate Education Center is working with the California Bureau of Real Estate on a new methodology for capturing student success rates for the real estate salesperson and broker examinations. Look to The Informer newsletter for details on how to contact the Bureau of Real Estate to request a unique tracking number for each of your real estate and escrow courses.

Financial Literacy in California high schools is key to future successful landlord/tenant relationships and home ownership. The Real Estate Center is once more collaborating with the California Bureau of Real Estate to publish Finance 101 in support of high school financial literacy. Look for an instructors’ guide including curriculum and a student textbook in the next months.

San Francisco, California, USA City College of San Francisco has been the site of the California Community Colleges Real Estate Education Center since July 1, 2002.

The California Community Colleges Real Estate Education Center exists to serve all of the community colleges in California by providing instructional support and services to instructors of Real Estate. The Center also oversees the distribution of scholarship funds from the Real Estate Endowment Fund to community college students.

The Center is responsible for producing Real Estate Instructor and Student guides on most of the Real Estate subjects taught at community colleges statewide. Instructor guides are available to Real Estate instructors and Student guides are provided at cost to be sold to students through their community college bookstores.

In addition, the Center is responsible for conducting three Real Estate Education Conferences for Real Estate Educators in California. One is held in the San Francisco Bay area, one in the Los Angeles area, and the third in the San Diego area.

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